Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Feeding the squirrels

Every day I am visited by a whole slew of squirrels. Most people find them annoying and destructive, but I can't help but love all animals. I do find them a bit greedy when there is birdseed to be had. This time of year I usually have a few mama squirrels with their babies and I can't help but marvel at nature and the instinctive nurturing that each parent has for their little ones. Recently, I've spotted a pair of solid white squirrels that have joined the fray. At first I thought they were albinos, but upon closer inspection, they don't have any of the usual traits. Regardless, I love watching them all...brown or doesn't really matter. They are all God's creatures. **This concludes your Mutual of Omaha wildlife lesson for the day** (Those who are old enough to remember this will get the reference).

I used an older line for this layout. The Basic Grey Persimmon collection has been a favorite of mine. I love the blue and orange tones. This line came out around Thanksgiving and has all of the lovely warm colors of fall. I love how it worked with the kraft cardstock to give the layout a very natural and organic feel.
In addition, I brought in some gold washi tape and a blue enamel dot.
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